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Our Mission


We help you help others through online fundraising. Our mission is to help you engage with people who care about your cause, to learn who they are, and to communicate the areas in which they can help with that cause. As a rule, forming relationships with donors in the real world and online have the same thing in common: getting to know donors better serves everyone better." CHARITeZ helps you foster your relationships.

CHARITeZ started in 2003 with  Gregory Olsen, Software Architect and former CEO of Ameriserv.net, thanks to a local pet shelter in Cleveland, Ohio. Greg started working with Susan Ross, Executive Director of the APL (Animal Protective League) in Tremont, Ohio. Greg’s love for Great Danes fostered a relationship with the Susan. Many hours were spent listening to Susan’s needs of placing over 14,000 strays per year. Our first objective was to get all the dogs and cats online with a searchable database that would be easy to administer by adding or deleting the current pet inventory. In its first year, we had made a very successful means of adopting out 10%, totaling 1,400 strays!                                                                                                                                          



Phase II was implemented to create a means to gather and organize all the email traffic that came pouring in on a daily basis. Greg suggested that we work with the objective of creating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) based module that would allow donors to sign up for email, volunteer to work, and create living wills, and allow the organization to find volunteers to help walk and staff the APL Events. At the time, Ameriserv.net was working on several .NET Applications and suggested we use the APL as a beta testing organization for CHARITeZ. In its first 3 months, we received over $14,000 in donations and signed up over 4,000 subscribers. As Susan and Greg worked together, we added several other modules to CHARITeZ, including:

Donation Tracking

One-Click Donations

Annual Pledging

Document Attachments


Working with several other Foundations including the Catholic Diocese, The City Mission and some smaller “under $400K” foundations, Greg had many hours of feedback that he used to develop the most comprehensive fundraising Application in the State of Ohio.  In its first year, Ameriserv.net sold over $100K in eZ Applications.


In 2011, Greg moved to Sarasota, Florida, and created a new company to hold his CHARITeZ Application and focus on helping the many foundations in the area.

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